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Golfing in the "Styrian Tuscany"

In 2004, the English golf course designer Michael Pinner designed a top golf course in the hillside landscape here in Bad Waltersdorf. Due to its compactness and the relatively short distances between the fairways, this golf course enables an optimal flow of the game with the greatest possible time savings.
It is designed to preserve the overall scenic character, allowing players of all skill levels to experience success.
Golf is fun, that's the motto here in the Styrian thermal region. The place is considered an insider tip among the Styrian golf courses. If not every hole succeeds as you wish, one of the largest practice facilities in Styria invites you to practice after the round! Experience golf joys of rarity together with locals, beginners and sports golfers, at the Bad Waltersdorf golf course.

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Characteristics of the golf course

At 5.660 meters, the course is not long - but you have to be able to place your shots well on the first nine holes. In my opinion, these are also the nicer tracks, very varied and with a lot of trees. The second nine can be played with more risk. You can often take the driver out of the bag to attack a par 5 with the second shot. Very often the eye is fooled by the many waves on the course. It gives the feeling that you are much closer to the green than is actually the case.

Hole 1 - 9

After hole 1 a short par 4 to get started, it continues on hole 2 with a nice par 5. The whole fairway is accompanied on both sides by Out and respect in the club choice, the green easily uphill. Hole 3 the hardest hole on the field, long-hitter can play right over the trees. Please look at the flag position and plan at least one more iron for the second stroke. Hole 4 is a Par 3 with slightly increased green. This is followed by three par 4 holes that are played without any special challenge. Hole 8 a par 3 goes downhill, take a club less and aim at the left side at the green. Hole 9 leads back to the clubhouse with a par 4. 

Hole 10 - 18

We start the second nine with a short par 4, but I advise you to play defensively along the course. Hole 11 is a par 5, the green can be reached with the second shot. This is followed by a very short par 4 with 222 meters, here I recommend playing defensively from the tee, the green is elevated. Hole 13 a par 3 downhill. The par 5 hole 14 can be attacked with the second shot after a successful drive. The green is defended with 4 bunkers on the left and a pond on the right. On hole 15, a par 3, it goes downhill powerfully, the choice of club is crucial. Hole 16 is the longest par 4 on the course and is accompanied by a stream on the left side of the fairway. Hole 17 is again a par 5 that you can reach with two good strokes. A good birdie chance! Finally, a par 4 uphill that hangs from left to right.

Club restaurant

The leaseholder of the restaurant in the Bad Waltersdorf Golf Club is Willi Frauwallner. He pampers you daily during the golf season from March to November with culinary delicacies from the region. The local delicacies and fine wines ensure the perfect end to a wonderful day of golf after the round. Of course, non-golfers are also very welcome and can make themselves comfortable on the terrace, enjoy the culinary delights, enjoy the sunshine and the unique atmosphere.

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